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At ITI Technical College we believe that education is an important step to finding a rewarding career in today’s fast paced world. That’s why our admissions department is trained to guide you through the career planning process.

Curriculum offerings are designed to help students prepare for career opportunities in various technical and healthcare administration fields, including:

ITI Technical College

Associate in Occupational Studies Degree and Certificate
Office Administration-Business

An intensive program dealing with Business Office Administration begins by creating a solid foundation of skills for students including an introduction and overview of the business office setting. The student will become familiar with general business practices, computers, the most current Microsoft Office software and office applications, and equipment. An intro to Human Resources, Records Management & Web technologies will follow. All students will be exposed to Customer Relations, Technical Writing both written and oral, as well as resume preparation. This student will also be exposed to human resources from a “hiring” position.

Graduates will have knowledge of office products, including software and equipment as well as office procedures. They also will have skills in written communications and customer relations. Graduates of the certificate program will be prepared for entry- level employment in a variety of careers in the private sector including banking, sales, insurance, legal and medical offices, as well as in government offices.


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